About Our Company

What makes us the better, smarter option?

Our Mission

Care for our clients so they may focus on caring for theirs. Eliminate wasted time, increase organization and efficiency, assure State Compliance and eliminate human error and employee fraud. Increase our client’s profit by accurate billing calculation as well as execution. Through our automated reporting, put business operation information and necessary State compliance reports, effortlessly, at our client’s finger tips. The more you know, the more you make.

Our Vision

As our clients grow and the industry/legislation changes, our software will continue to evolve based on our clients and industry needs. Always keeping in mind maximum efficiency, elimination of human error, the importance of effortless and progressive automated reporting and the need for our clients to always know where their business stands; improving life through technology. Adult Day Care Pro Suite is and will continue to be the answer for the countless items needed to be tracked, participants to be kept current, reports required for compliance and employee tracking, that our clients require to run a successful business. We will continue to care for our client’s business needs so that they can focus on caring for the people that matter most, those enrolled in their Adult Day Care Program.

Our Company Values

Put clients first

Act with integrity

Embrace an ownership mentality

Build for durability

Make a difference every day

Make complex things simple